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e‑commerce delivery

Big cities already suffer from a rise in CO2 emissions, pollution, traffic, congestion and noise caused by an increased volume of deliveries.

According to the World Economic Forum (“The future of the last mile ecosystem”, January 2020), by 2030 growing demand for e‑commerce delivery will result in:

  • 36% more vehicles in inner cities 
  • a rise in CO2 emissions by 6 million tons 
  • 21% higher congestion. 

The demand for last-mile delivery is soaring and is expected to grow by 78% worldwide by 2030. This is why we urgently need to find and deploy sustainable, robotics options in the last mile delivery, supporting city evolution and saving our planet.

Sustainable mission

We aim to be a forerunner in sustainable delivery solutions for retail. 

Our ultimate goal is to enhance the green revolution. We develop click & collect machines and networks contributing to a smaller congestion and lower CO2 emission, supporting the concept of 25 minutes city. In consequence, urban areas record better air quality, health and wellbeing of all citizens.

Parcel lockers

The sustainable future of delivery

Thanks to self-service parcel lockers, online shopping is delivered in a much more sustainable way than home delivery or pickup points operated by dedicated employees. Large number of orders are loaded into one capacious machine instead of being transported one by one to individual locations or manual click & collect points with lower capacity. 

The click & collect chains decrease the number of kilometers driven not only by couriers, but also – by consumers who collect their orders just on the way home (classic parcel lockers) or during their everyday visits in convenience stores (robotic parcel lockers).

Additionally, self-service pickup chains based on parcel lockers allow e-retailers to implement more convenient and cheaper delivery options to its customers. Better prices of pickup encourage buyers to choose more affordable, but at the same time – more ecological means of transport. In results, it creates new habits among shoppers, supporting sustainable last mile solutions. 

Delipop: e-grocery pickup chain in France, RR investment

Pickuphero convenience

Solution friendly
for the planet

For the last few years, our company has developed a revolutionary solution – robotic parcel locker PickupHero Convenience. It offers better efficiency than classic solutions thanks to the higher capacity and smaller footprint. It is a perfect solution that can be easily installed in small stores and places with limited space. It allows retailers and logistics partners to quickly build an extensive network of parcel lockers in urban areas, especially in cities with lack of outdoor space.

Home delivery

1 courier can deliver:


orders per day

Multibrand parcel lockers network

1 courier can deliver:


orders per day
thanks to the use of hubs

Arctan Urban

Leading sustainability performance

For the last few years, we’ve been investing in a robotic pickup machine for e-grocery: Arctan Urban. Our innovative technology creates a sustainable delivery infrastructure, decreasing significantly the environmental impact. 

According to the Delipop report “Sustainability in the last-mile delivery of groceries” by retail and logistics experts, 1 home delivery courier delivers approximately 12-25 orders daily. Thanks to the high capacity of Arctan Urban,  1 courier can deliver even 235 orders per day, making the network even 20x more effective than delivery to particular users.


1 courier can deliver:


orders per day
(in Paris the average is 14–15)

Multi-brand hubs Delipop Network

1 courier can deliver:


orders per day
thanks to the use of hubs

Traveled kilometers per order

Home delivery

3 km


15 km

Arctan Urban hub

0,226 km

Greenhouse gas emissions per order

Home delivery

800 g


2,343 g

Arctan Urban hub

186 g

The use of Arctan technology reduces delivery costs by cutting the number of couriers, cars, km driven which means much lower CO2 emissions and cleaner air in the city.

What’s more, the self service pickup chain – with Arctan Urban solution – reduces the greenhouse gas emissions per order by 77% compared to the home delivery service and by 92% compared to the hypermarket purchases.

Such a positive ecological result is based on the high number of parcels transported to one self-service pickup point instead of delivering them to particular consumers. 

Education and accountability

We are integrating sustainability to our research and development. To maximize the positive impact of our technologies, we establish partnerships with retailers and logistics partners at a global level. Our positive vision of sustainable development is supported by learning, education, and knowledge transfer. 

We also continuously work on achieving high environmental standards in our operations, and improving the efficiency of our products.