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We create

delivery infrastructure

for the future of retail

Our mission

We create delivery infrastructure for the future of retail.
E-commerce has been booming and it’s going to rise significantly in the following years. However, there is one “but”. It is neither current infrastructure nor is our planet ready for this growth. Additionally, current delivery costs are high, hindering the business profitability.

If we don’t react now, further development of online business could be stopped by lack of efficient last mile solutions. That’s why we’ve created automated click & collect machines, which are effective for retailers, convenient for users, and friendly for the planet.

Our solutions

We offer robotic and classic solutions for self-service pickup for e-commerce and e-grocery.


Our solutions revolutionize e‑commerce delivery by introducing the next generation of parcel lockers – fully robotic, with higher capacity and lower footprint than traditional machines.

Classic parcel lockers

Classic parcel lockers that could be installed outdoor and indoor

We are the major global producer of classic parcel lockers. Their advanced design has been optimized by our R&D Center for the last 15 years. More than 40 000 units, produced and tested in our factory, operate with a high reliability ratio in 10 European countries which are the top delivery markets worldwide.

Robotic parcel lockers PickupHero

Robotic parcel lockers that fit into a little store

For the last few years, our company has developed a revolutionary solution: robotic parcel lockers. They offer better efficiency than classic solutions thanks to the higher capacity and smaller footprint. Such advantages allow fast development of the pickup network by using existing locations with limited space like convenience stores.


We address challenges faced by the e‑grocery market by implementing innovative click & collect solutions for fresh and frozen products. They are based on automation of all processes and resulting in better efficiency in comparison to classic machines and pickup points served by human staff.

Urban click & collect Arctan Urban

Robotic click & collect machine that could be installed indoor

Inefficient delivery options for e-grocery have inspired us to develop a highly effective solution – robotic click & collect machines for everyday shopping to be picked up just on the way home. Arctan Urban high capacity combined with a small footprint boost retailers’ profitability. The machines, which could be installed in city centers, increase retailers’ reach among consumers who don’t visit far located super and hypermarkets.

Drive click & collect Arctan Drive (future)

Robotic click & collect machine that could be installed outdoor

In the search for delivery costs’ reduction, we are developing the most efficient ‘drive’ solution- robotic click & collect machines for bigger e-grocery shoppings which should be collected via cars.  Arctan Drive is easy to set-up and scale-up. Its optimized capacity increases retailers’ profitability. 

Our services

We also provide our partner with full technical and IT service in regards to installation and maintenance of our machines.

Hardware service

We provide our partners with regular technical maintenance of our machines on several European markets.

Software service

We offer development and support of IT systems essential for proper functioning of our automated machines.

Tailor made solution

We develop new solutions answering our partners’ needs or produce machines according to our clients’ specifications.

Our priorities


Ability to overcome market limitations with proven track record

Focus on
the customer

Creating new habits and reinforcing new behaviors


Changing the world for better with care for the environment

About us

Retail Robotics is a leading business technology company that delivers solutions unleashing the full potential of e‑commerce and e-grocery. Our machines improve the efficiency of delivery and convenience of pickup for both retailers and consumers. At the same time, they are more friendly for the planet than other delivery options.

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