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Unleashing retail

Unleashing retail

The retail industry is at a tipping point. In 2021 global e‑commerce sales reached $4.92 trillion and are predicted to grow to $7.38 trillion by 2025.

The e‑commerce boom has led to unparalleled growth in inefficient, inconvenient “last mile” urban deliveries that pose a threat to the continued growth of e‑commerce.

In order to unleash

the full
of retail

we need to remove this bottleneck and provide consumers and retailers with innovative, convenient, and efficient delivery and collection options.

Transforming the last mile

Robotic pick-up-drop-off hubs
for stores and cities

What is the last mile?

The last mile – delivery and pick up – the final stage of the e‑commerce experience is today’s biggest challenge for e-commerce and e‑grocery retailers.

Huge growth in online retail

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of the Last Mile report, e‑grocery and e‑commerce are growing rapidly and by 2023 e-commerce is expected to account for 20% of global retail sales. By 2030 urban deliveries are expected to grow by 78% putting a huge strain on the last mile.

And these are data from before Covid 19, that sped up the growth of e‑commerce even by 4-8 years ahead.



people living in cities in 2030


congestion increase since 2010


2.1 bn

people expected to buy goods online by 2021


online retail share by 2023



per annum e‑grocery growth worldwide


of furniture sold online by 2023 in the US



growth in same-day


per annum growth in instant delivery



xEV share of new car sales across regions by 2030


year in which most OEMs will release L4/5 autonomous vehicles

"The future of the last mile ecosystem” - World Economic Forum

The changing landscape

Today’s cities and towns are not able to withstand the increased volumes of traffic that the predicted rise of e‑commerce and e‑grocery will bring.

If we do nothing e‑commerce and e‑grocery services will suffer and consumers will seek more convenient retail options.

In New York, 1.5M packages are delivered daily from online stores! The number of delivery trucks needed to handle such a large number of orders resulted in a 23% decrease in average speed on access roads and in many neighborhoods.

NY Times

Why is the last mile breaking down for e‑commerce and e‑grocery?


Cities are overcrowded with courier cars increasing delivery times and pollution. Many cities are imposing strict limits on traffic volumes which is impacting the ability to deliver orders

Consumers expect same or next day delivery but there are not enough people or hours in the day to meet demand


High costs of delivery threaten retailers’ bottom line

One courier is only able to deliver around 12-14 orders a day (France)

Retailers are being forced to increase minimum basket values to break even

Levels of investment to meet consumer demand are unrealistic for many retailers

Transforming the last mile

According to the World Economic Forum, the best solution to solve today’s challenges for the last mile and unleash the full power of online retail are parcel locker solutions and multi-brand parcel shops and hubs.

Introducing a network of robotic pick up – drop off parcel locker hubs (PUDO) and e-grocery machines solves the inefficiencies of the last mile. Through efficient use of space automation, retailers worldwide are able to improve the delivery experience for consumers and improve commercial performance

The Retail Robotics Difference

Making it possible for all stores to unleash their full retail potential, we combine parcel locker solutions with in-store and city-based hubs.

Our robotic lockers and hubs are small enough to fit in any shop and powerful enough to meet the demands of the large superstores.

Our robotic machines – Arctan and PickupHero – make use of vertical, non-retail space, and unused city spaces.

By boosting the availability of pick up locations, Arctan and PickupHero maximize consumer convenience, reduce delivery miles, and increase in-store footfall.


The future success of retail depends on creating solutions that enable retailers to scale e‑commerce and e‑grocery sales, reduce the volume of urban deliveries, and provide consumers with convenient ways to collect online orders. We call this multidimensional convenience.

The Retail Robotics solution

We enable e‑commerce and e‑grocery retailers to do more with less by solving the challenges associated with individual deliveries and traditional pick-up-drop-off (PUDO) solutions and maximise the value of store space.

Reduce costs

Providing consumers with a convenient way to collect parcels reduces the number of individual home and office deliveries required reducing the overall cost of fulfilling online orders.


Decrease delivery time

Centralising deliveries to a store or city-based hub reduces the time required to deliver orders enabling retailers to offer more same day or next deliveries.


Maximise value

Driving consumers to a store-based pick up service creates a synergy between online and offline, increases store footfall, and boosts sales. Automated pick up solutions maximise the use of vertical and non-retail space by eliminating the need for big individual lockers that take up valuable space.

Advantages of robotic solutions

PickupHero and Arctan have the smallest footprint to capacity ratio on the market, are powered by advanced robotics, and are designed to make parcel delivery, and pick up as convenient as possible.

Our solutions revolutionize e‑commerce delivery by introducing the next generation of parcel lockers – fully robotic, with higher capacity and lower footprint than traditional machines.
We address challenges faced by the e‑grocery market by implementing innovative click & collect solutions for fresh and frozen products. They are based on automation of all processes and resulting in better efficiency in comparison to classic machines and pickup points served by human staff.

A perfect set

By placing Arctan and PickupHero in your retail store network you can achieve full multidimensional convenience for your customers:

convenience of a local store for everyday shopping

convenience of an e‑commerce pick-up & drop off (PickupHero)

convenience of easy e‑grocery pick-up (Arctan)

and increase the value of your company.