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Classic Parcel Lockers

Click & collect machines for e‑commerce

Classic parcel lockers

Classic parcel lockers have multiple collect & load lockers of a few different sizes, dedicated for storage of fitting parcels.

We are proud developers and producers of classic parcel lockers, and one the biggest supplier in this sector worldwide. Tens of thousands of Retail Robotics machines are placed in 15 countries and their number is growing year by year. 

On the basis of long experience, we have perfected our solutions for the last 15 years. This is why machines delivered by Retail Robotics factory perform with the highest reliability ratio.

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Classic parcel lockers could be installed indoors,  but also outdoors thanks to resistant materials, ensuring durability.

Classic pickup solutions have multiple collect & load lockers of a few different sizes, dedicated for storage of fitting parcels.  All lockers are within a reach of couriers and consumers to be easily used during the loading and collection process.

Our solutions can be equipped with a touchscreen for users or produced without it (and then be handled by a mobile application).
The size of the machines, number of boxes and presence of a touchscreen differ adequately to our clients’ needs. We could create tailor made solutions based on our expertise and time-tested options or produce machines according to our business partners’ specification. 

Thanks to classic parcel lockers, online shopping is delivered in a much more efficient way in comparison to home delivery. Large number of orders are loaded into one machine instead of being delivered one by one to individual locations. It results in saving time and number of kilometers driven, decreasing operational costs, but also air pollution. 

This is why e-retailers could offer more convenient and cheaper delivery options to its customers. Logistic companies may develop their network fast, offering their clients smooth and affordable transport. Shoppers can experience friendly pickup, 24/7, just on the way.  The impact on the environment is also positive thanks to lower traffic and CO emission.