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We create

delivery infrastructure
for the future of retail

With more than 3 decades of experience in mechanical manufacturing and over a decade of research and development we have created powerful robotic click&collect machines and classic parcel lockers that are at the forefront of innovation.

Our new technologies allow us to unleash the full potential of retail by creating profitable solutions for shopping delivery, enhancing user experience, and providing the smallest ecological footprint.

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Next generation click & collect solutions are at the forefront of the last-mile revolution. With our company, these robotic technologies are at your fingertips.

For e-commerce, we’ve developed PickupHero Convenience. Thanks to the use of an internal robot PHC has the biggest capacity with the smallest footprint on the market. That’s why it can be placed in every small store and other location(s) with limited space and allows to quickly build vast pickup networks in big cities.

We are also proud developers and producers of classic parcel lockers which we’ve perfected over the last 15 years. Tens of thousands of them are placed worldwide, and they perform with the highest reliability ratio.

For e-grocery, we have created the next generation pick-up solution: Arctan. Full automation of the machine results in the smallest footprint with the highest capacity on the market. It allows very fast pickup by 2-3 users at the same time, and simultaneous loading by the courier.

And yes, we do it all ourselves. Well, actually it’s done by Mariusz, Darek, Agata and over 400 other members of the Retail Robotics team working in our own factories and R&D Centers. Thanks to their work, we are a major global player with a production capacity of 35 000 units per year.

But the best part is that our solutions are profitable for retailers, user-friendly, and kind to the environment. Delivery infrastructure based on our solutions requires 15 times fewer kilometers driven by vans, thus reducing congestion and air pollution.

Not to sound immodest: We ROCK!

We are already supporting the creation of hub delivery infrastructure for the biggest logistic providers and retailers on EU markets.

One of our biggest clients are Inpost and Mondial Relay (group Inpost) which have the biggest parcel locker network in Europe. The Inpost Group has received over 150 million packages in 2021. To date, Retail Robotics has produced more than 40,000 parcel locker units for Inpost and we serve them with international service. In 2022 we’ve started supplying them with robotic solutions – Pickup Hero Convenience – which, as Rafał Brzoska (CEO of Inpost) stated in one of the interviews will be for premium international locations:

“It is possible that these will be the premium locations in Paris and London. So we have tested a new technology in Poland, which – thanks to a robotic mechanism – can handle as many parcels as possible in a small place. Unlike classic parcel machines, which consist of static lockers. This is of key importance in the centers of large cities, where it is impossible to find a location for large free-standing machines, such as those known from the Polish market.”

As a way to fully utilize our potential and speed up company growth, we are also investing in building Universal Network for e-grocery:


The chain is a pioneer on the pickup market in Paris as the first multibrand click & collect chain in the world, dedicated to e-grocery shopping.

Our company

We innovate

We challenge current business models and propose innovative solutions

We deliver

We keep to our commitments and deliver what we promise

We care

We take care of our partners, consumers, employees, and the planet

We rock

We dream about better future and believe the sky is the limit!

Management board


Łukasz Nowiński

CEO & Founder

A visionary and a missionary of hard work. Before ‘unleashing retail’ at Retail Robotics – he co‑created and co‑managed the biggest parcel locker network in Europe – Inpost.

“Our mission is to create the delivery infrastructure of the future.

We do believe that our disruptive technologies will improve the efficiency and convenience of delivery and click & collect processes for e‑commerce and e‑grocery.”

Management board

Marek Piotrowski

Chief Marketing Officer & Partner

Bartosz Becker

Financial Director

Ewa Wadoń

Head of HR

Aleksander Gadka

Chief Operations Officer


Dariusz Kiełbasiński

Legal Counsel

Jan Niemcewicz

Head of Arctan R&D

Dorota Gomółka

Senior Marketing Manager

Michał Ossowski

Head of PickupHero R&D

Tomasz Łukaszewski

Head of IT

Piotr Zych

Head of IT PMO

Paweł Zięcina

Head of Industrialization, Efficiency and Testing

Małgorzata Czarnobil

Chief Accountant – Deputy Financial Director

We believe

we can change the world

for better!

We accept no limitations. We challenge the now and create new habits and behaviors. In cooperation with our long standing and new partners we transform the retail delivery for consumer’s convenience and better accessibility to goods.