Arctan is the most efficient click and collect solution for e-grocery retailers on the market today, enabling retailers to harness the power of e-commerce, e-grocery, and convenience with a single installation.

The Arctan Advantage

  • Reduce delivery costs by 70%
  • 3x effectiveness compared to human operated pick-up - by reducing space and labor cost
  • Serves 2-3 customers at a same time
  • Offers simultaneous consumer pick-up and courier drop-off
  • Supports same day delivery services

Why Arctan Rocks!

smallest footprint on the market

3x smaller footprint vs classic
e-grocery machines 13 bins per sq m ( per 3.3 ft)

highest capacity

Capacity of 202 logistic bins 1 Arctan is an equivalent of 14 classic e-grocery cooled locker solutions

very fast (15 sec)

Collection time of one bin - less than 30 seconds Internal transportation - less than 15 seconds

multi access

Simultaneous consumer pick-up and courier drop-off functionality via 2-3 independent courier/client interfaces

Additional Product Specifics

  • 2 climate zones (+ 4°C - 18°C)/(39.20° F- 64.40° F)
  • Flexible freezing storage with 28 or 56 slots (can even fit an American thanksgiving turkey)!
  • 4 QR code readers and optional RFiD tag reader for automatic recognition of the bin identifier in the courier process.
  • 2-3 independent courier/client interfaces
  1. 4 collect and load drawers. The collect / load door in the client mode opens as a drawer, while in the courier mode as a door. All door pairs are used for loading and unloading bins.

Herve Street (Star Service Groupe) about our Arctan

Marek Piotrowski (CMO Retail Robotics): What are your impressions about Arctan - our e-grocery pick-up machine?

Herve Street (President of Star Service Groupe): I think you have a very large lead in terms of technology, in terms of industry, in terms of design, in terms of functionality.

(...) Today the lockers are things without a soul, without life, they are doors that we open, that we close. What you have designed, created - is really what we expected and what we wanted to import into France and see blooming everywhere in all the city districts.

I think you're way ahead of the game today, there is a strong technology, a nice design. Well there's everything and we were really impressed by the tool, by the machine, by the way you considered it and thought about it.

Arctan Drive Through

Arctan will be also available as a one or two lane drive through solution.

Robotic vs. traditional e-grocery pick up solutions

no of boxes:

14 traditional e-grocery
pickup machines


1 Arctan


space required: 40 m2 [430 ft2]
lack of space for lockers -
indoor or outdoor
15.5 m2 [166.84 ft2]
very space efficient
length 35 m [115 ft] 10 m [33 ft]
how many big orders (2-3 boxes on average) fit into one machine only 5-6 orders fit into one machine.
Low efficiency.
80-100 orders at once.
Even 200 orders a day.
High efficiency.
Additional features quick multi client access
quick multi courier access

Hub effect. Arctan - 12x more effective.

How to deliver 300 e-grocery orders?
A comparison of Arctan network and home delivery efficiency. With our solution 1 courier can deliver even 300 orders a day!

Arctan Network Traditional home delivery

1 courier
1 car
2-3 Arctans

12 couriers
12 cars

1 courier delivers
200 - 300 orders daily
Making ca. 30-40 km [18-24 miles]
1 courier delivers 14-30 traditional city deliveries
Making ca. 160 km [100 miles] each
20x less CO2 emissions
Solution preferred by the cities
(less traffic)
“Same day delivery” easier to induce
20x more CO2 emissions
Possible ban on couriers in cities
- in certain hours or total.
“Same day delivery” much harder to induce

the only parcel locker
that fits a convenience store!