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On 16-18 January Retail Robotics’ team will take part in the Innovation Lab at NRF Retail’s Big Show 2022 as one of the most visionary retail technologies creator, to demonstrate its advanced solutions: Arctan, Arctan Drive and PickupHero. Participation in this event is a unique opportunity to present them to the global audience and discuss how to transform the future of last mile delivery.

We do believe that our disruptive technologies will improve the efficiency and convenience of delivery and click-and-collect processes for e-commerce and e-grocery. But we know this is just the beginning – our mission is to create infrastructure of the future. – says Łukasz Nowiński, Founder and CEO at Retail Robotics. 

To save our planet, our cities and to ensure the further growth of e-commerce, we need to build multi-brand pickup hubs based on robotics.– says Marek Piotrowski, Partner and CMO at Retail Robotics. 

By being part of InnovationLab at NRF2022 we can now take it to the next, global level. It is well aligned with our ambition to increase focus on the future of the US market. – says Julian Kozankiewicz, Chief Growth Officer & Partner at Retail Robotics. 

Arctan and PickupHero solutions from Retail Robotics bring a business and environmental breakthrough in e-grocery and e-commerce markets by revolutionizing last mile delivery: lowering costs, decreasing time, reducing its footprint and unleashing an exponential growth for the retailers. They also offer high-quality customer experience without any involvement of a salesperson or staff. 

Arctan  the most efficient click-and-collect solution for e-grocery is an equivalent of 14 classic refrigerated locker solutions, thanks to capacity of up to 202 logistic bins per machine. It provides higher profitability for retailers and less CO2 emission than traditional home delivery. The modern and digitalized Arctan interface not only provides a great consumer experience, but most of all allows clients to pick-up a double order in 1 minute and serve 2-3 customers and couriers at the same time. 

Arctan Drive is more advanced solution designed for e-grocery curbside pickup, which can fit in 8 standard parking spots, easy to set-up and scale-up. It can serve 7 customers at the same time with the capacity of 896 logistic bins or more. It also has an option for integration with Micro Fulfillment Center and remote loading.

Arctan Drive is a project designed specifically to handle a high volume of orders in a drive model – features that surely will be needed in the US market. – says Jan Niemcewicz, Head of Arctan R&D at Retail Robotics. 

PickupHero is another flagship technology by Retail Robotics and the machine that visitors will be able to test at the NRF 2022. This robotic indoor parcel locker for e-commerce fits 90% of local stores, keeping high capacity and providing a convenient access to pick-up and drop-off of parcels. Advantages for the retailers – higher traffic and sales growth, while last mile delivery costs are reduced up to 90%.

PickupHero solution allows to create a dense network of click-and-collect points in large agglomerations like New York, London or Warsaw. – adds Michał Ossowski, Head of PickupHero R&D at Retail Robotics. 

Today e-grocery and e-commerce industries are facing many delivery challenges, such as use of space, capacity, costs and consumer experience. Most classic robotic solutions have low capacity and occupy large areas where the space is limited. Home delivery in turn creates a higher traffic in cities, generates air pollution and negatively influences the quality of citizens’ life. Also consumers are looking for more convenient options allowing them to collect their orders 24/7, fast, easy and for free.

Retail Robotics’ Arctan and PickupHero solutions enable retail to unleash its full potential through the power of automation, convenience and advanced UX. They solve the last mile delivery problem by providing consumers and retailers with efficient click-and-collect options. Moreover, Retail Robotics multichannel solutions enable large and small retailers to boost e-commerce, e-grocery, and in-store sales. Ultimately, these innovations contribute to reducing road traffic and pollution levels. As a result – they help to create cleaner cities and more green zones in urban spaces.

Meet with the Retail Robotics’ team at booth no. 40 (Innovation Lab, Level 1) at the NRF 2022 show (16-18 Jan, NYC)

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