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Retail Robotics has started serial production of PickupHero and plans to implement it on several European markets in 2022

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PickupHero technology allows to quickly build an extensive network of parcel lockers in convenience stores in agglomerations such as Paris, London or Warsaw, without an impact on the architecture of the city. At the end of 2021 Retail Robotics started mass production of machines at their factory in Tychy and this year the company plans to implement it on several European markets. 

Created by Retail Robotics, the PickupHero robotic parcel locker for e-commerce was presented this January in the prestigious Innovation Lab, at the largest retail fair NRF 2022 in New York. The NRF Innovation Laboratory is a part of the fair reserved for the most visionary technologies supporting trade in areas such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning and robotics. Modern solutions are largely focused on meeting the growing demand for sustainable trade. This is also the goal of Retail Robotics, whose technologies help to build the delivery infrastructure of the future. 

PickupHero is a robotic parcel solution for e-commerce intended for mass implementation in convenience store chains. It increases pickup options, providing consumers with higher convenience and a wider choice offered by e-commerce, and allows sellers to generate more traffic and potential sales growth. The PickupHero technology offers a standardized pick up service without the direct involvement of store employees, thus contributing to the reduction of queues waiting for a package in the store. Thanks to its compact design it fits in 90% of local stores. Unlike traditional solutions, the robotic PickupHero can be much taller and placed behind store shelves and refrigerators, using only 0.9 m2 of commercial space. 

After PickupHero’s presentation at NRF 2022, Retail Robotics announced the start of serial production of the first machines in its factory in Tychy (in December 2021) and plans to implement it on several European markets in 2022. Due to the limited possibilities of placing parcel machines in the immediate vicinity of buildings, the use of PickupHero in stores will allow retailers to build a modern delivery infrastructure, without interfering with the city’s architecture.

‘We do believe that our disruptive technologies will improve the efficiency and convenience of delivery and click & collect processes for e-commerce and e-grocery.’ – comments Łukasz Nowiński, Founder and CEO at Retail Robotics. 

‘Can our cities and our planet survive continous growth of e-commerce and e-grocery? Shall we have enough space in our cities for the flood of courier cars parking one on another and blocking our streets? Shall we have enough couriers to deliver parcels? According to us and the World Economic Forum – the only solution is to build multi-brand pickup hubs in the cities which will create delivery infrastructure for the future of retail. That will enable further growth of the business, but first of all, that will do it with respect to the environment and our living space in the cities.’ – says Marek Piotrowski, Partner and CMO at Retail Robotics.

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