The customers have complete freedom to pick up their Drive orders.

Once again, the solution for the automatic receipt of Drive orders thanks to robotization.  This is not the first time Carrefour is testing Drive's automated pickup.

Two years ago, Carrefour in Belgium already tested the vending machine in a hypermarket parking lot in Waterloo.

Dubbed the "Pit Box", the solution was interesting for several months but showed advantages in terms of the capacity of the boxes, and the greater storage capacity.

In Belgium, the machine consisted of a vertical carousel that stopped in front of the pick-up desk.

In Paris, a vending machine is installed on rue Tombe d'Issoire, in the 14th arrondissement. It represents a significant change compared to the tests in Belgium. It is also more compact and with greater capacity. In the version adopted by Carrefour, the robot takes up less than 15 m² on the floor and can contain around a hundred bags. For customers, there are two pickup zones with two pickup drawers. The same drawers are used to load the automat. Customer identification is done by smarfton, where the order number is located, which allows the machine to find the order in the cooled storage area. Frozen foods are available in classic boxes.

Demonstration of the first robot used by Carrefour in Paris.

The new click&collect solution in a nutshell

  • With a capacity of 202 logistic bins and 56 freezer lockers - Arctan Power is an equivalent of 14 classic e-grocery cooled locker solutions
  • Serves 2-3 customers at the same time

Thank you Olivier Dauvers for the great assessment!

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