Crowded streets: Cities face a surge in online deliveries

Cities are facing a sharp increase in online deliveries. The internet brings chaos to the streets of New York, London, Paris and other big cities. Natalie Sherman - Business reporter of BBC - covers a story of stacking up problems in cities due to the growth of e-commerce and e-grocery - including city traffic and pollution. 

Cities in Europe and Asia have barred deliveries during certain hours to tackle it at least a bit.

 “Double-parked trucks, red brake lights and cardboard boxes littering the sidewalk: this is what the growth of online shopping looks like on the ground in America's largest city - and not just here.”

The article raises the question: “Will the technological advances help cities resolve their current traffic and pollution problems?”

We believe, that our company - Retail Robotics - has the right solution to this problem. Our robotic solutions for e-commerce (ParcelHero) and e-grocery (Arctan) - can hugely decrease the number of delivery trucks in the cities - thus lowering traffic and CO2 pollution even 10-fold! At the same time lowering the cost of last-mile delivery by a minimum 80%. We hope to bring it to NY, Paris, London and other big cities soon! 

Author of a quoted Article: BBC NEWS, Natalie Sherman - Business reporter, New York

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