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Our solutions

We introduce

disruptive solutions
for retail delivery

Thanks to a combination of research and development, production capacity, and long-term experience, we have efficiently developed and delivered robotic and classic pickup machines for e‑commerce and e‑grocery that are unique in terms of their efficiency for retailers, usability for users, and sustainability.


Robotic parcel locker that fits into a little store

Logistic companies may grow delivery networks despite limitations in the urban space. Shops improve their sales. Consumers enjoy smooth pickup while making everyday shopping.

Classic parcel locker for outdoor and indoor pickup

E‑retailers and logistic companies dynamically grow their reach and reduce delivery costs. Consumers get increased access to highly convenient pickup, close to them, at low prices.


The most efficient click & collect robotic solution for everyday shopping

It boosts e-retailers expansion in city centers, decreasing delivery costs at the same time. Allow consumers affordable and convenient pickup just on the way.

Optimized click & collect robotic solution for bigger shopping

Offering easy set-up and possibility to scale-up the business fast. Provide users with a smooth collection of grocery orders whenever they want.