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Last Mile: Robotic Revolution

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Last few months we had the world premieres of our 2 robotic solutions that we believe will upgrade the world of e-grocery (Arctan in Paris) and e-commerce (PickupHero in Poznań) – by substantially lowering the last mile costs and enhancing the consumer experience.

Now Post and Parcel UK decided to interview Łukasz Nowiński and Julian Kozankiewicz about our view and the role we’d like to have in the last mile robotic revolution.

In June 2020 we launched the first of our click & collect robotic machines – PickupHero – an automated parcel collection point, which doesn’t require a shop assistant to be involved. Owing to the use of a robot instead of a traditional locker system it occupies a small portion of the retail space, which is at a premium in smaller stores. A major part of the installation can be located behind the shelves. Due to its capacity and smallest footprint, this solution is unparalleled in the parcel locker market, which is traditionally only suitable for bigger spaces. According to our estimates, it can fit 90% of local stores. For retailers, it means increased in-store footfall with up to 70% pick-up to purchase ratio. The solution can reduce last-mile delivery costs, but also traffic and pollution by up to 90%. The first device was installed at Zabka convenience store chain in May 2020.

Arctan was designed to revolutionize shopping. The system consists of a single block of storage for logistic bins (94 or 202 depending on the version chosen). And the delivery device itself is made up of hatches that open to give customers access to their command, without human intervention.

The customer scans a QR code in front of a reader, which triggers the delivery of the order. The corresponding bins (with the orders) are brought by an automatic device from the storage area to the collect & load drawer. The customer collects his groceries, then the drawer closes. If the order contains frozen foods, these must be collected in a specific cabinet. Two or three customers can collect their orders simultaneously (depending on the module installed). Arctan is dual-temperature (4 degrees and -18° for frozen foods, which are stored in a dedicated freezer) and emphasizes compactness of installation.

In September 2020 we installed the first Arctan in Paris. The first consumers’ comments are very positive – they appreciate convenience, simplicity and possibility of orders’s collection  whenever they want. We strongly believe that our solution, developed in next months, will provide clients with the best user experience, helping retailers to increase customer loyalty in a very competitive online environment.

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