The Future of the Last-Mile Ecosystem

The report emphasizes that last mile deliveries will grow 78% through 2030...and that the best remedy are parcel locker solutions and parcel hubs in stores. Both in terms of costs and solving the huge traffic congestion.

We were happy to read about the conclusions of the report as that is what we do at Retail Robotics. We do very efficient parcel lockers, and we put them into stores.Soon we are introducing the first robotic parcel lockers that can be installed in stores without using much of a commercial space, and the most efficient e-grocery click&collect. 

If we combine it with electric vehicles we have the optimal bundle.

Here some interesting quotations from the report:

"There has never been a time of greater change for the “last mile”. Consumers order more things online, expecting more control and faster deliveries. Disruptive technologies, such as droids and drones, are shaking up entire delivery chains. Emerging tech players such as Uber Freight and Postmates are changing the dynamics of the competitive landscape.

However, these developments also have a downside: Inner cities are struggling with traffic congestion and air pollution due to the increasing number of delivery vehicles, their emissions and second-lane parking. Some cities predict that, if no interventions are made, inner-city traffic will be seriously disturbed in the next three years.”

“Something needs to happen – so far, so clear. But where to begin? We present three different transition roadmaps and argue that an integrated ecosystem approach would optimize the last mile for both private and public players while minimizing customer disruption.”


  • Thomas Deloison, Director of Mobility,
  • WBCSD Eric Hannon, Partner, McKinsey & Company 
  • Anja Huber, Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company 
  • Bernd Heid, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company 
  • Christoph Klink, Partner, McKinsey & Company 
  • Richa Sahay, Community Curator, Automotive, Supply Chain Transport and Emerging Markets, World Economic Forum 
  • Christoph Wolff, Head of Mobility Industries and System Initiative, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum


Read the report:

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