Our rebranding and integration event 2019

In November we've celebrated the rebranding and growth of our company. Our team was invited to Tychy, where we have our production hall and were the whole event took place. 

"Rebranding aims at three goals. The first goal is to make people working in our company, who build innovation on a daily basis and who carry on our vision, to make them feel that they are working in global company. We want our communication to expresses what they do, express how they feel with themselves, and attract the best employees on the market. 

Well, I think that today's event shows that it gives the power. We are changing the world but we were working under the logo that was designed 30 years ago for a completely different purpose. It was a big image dissonance. Our new communication, which is vivid and tiptop - is liked by everyone and certainly gives us great energy!" Łukasz Nowiński, CEO&Founder

Our team was invited to Tychy, where we have our production hall and where the whole event took place.

Looking forward to our new innovations and achievements for the 2020 year! We innovate. We deliver. We rock!

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