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First Delipop pick-up point for e-grocery powered by Retail Robotics Arctan technology was opened in Paris

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Carrefour has become the first retailer to team up with Delipop, a startup specialized in the logistical handling of e-commerce food orders, in order to develop a new offering of robotic pedestrian drives. This unprecedented partnership was inaugurated on 6 October by the opening of a first point at 194 avenue de Versailles in Paris in the 16th arrondissement. Delipop’s universal network was founded in April 2021 as a result of a joint venture between Łukasz Nowiński, CEO and founder of Retail Robotics, and Hervé Street, president of Star Service Group.

A robotic pedestrian drive for easier shopping
This service will therefore develop local e-commerce close to customers, offering a choice of 15,000 product references available on website. It will allow customers to pick up their orders placed on on the same day, over a wide range of hours from 8am to 10pm, Monday to Saturday. Prepared in the Carrefour warehouse the orders will be delivered and stored at the Delipop collection point in lockers that respect the cold chain. Once the order has been placed, the customer  receives a text message with a code associated with a 100% robotic locker allowing them to collect their basket in less than one or two minutes, depending on the order size.

Delipop France: 1000 Delipops till 2025
Delipop is a network of robotic click-and-collect drives (drive piétons) that will serve as multi-brand or single retailer pick-up points. Delipop’s locations will allow the customers to enjoy smooth, convenient and effortless experience in picking up their groceries ordered online, all just around the corner of where they live.

Delipop is planning to open 1000 Delipops within the next 5 years (300 locations in Paris and Ile de France and 700 in other areas of France). This will be an important step in (1) increasing the accessibility for the consumers, (2) boosting available number delivery slots and (3) helping our planet to breathe better. And the network knows it’s important – a recent study showed that 75% of Parisians say that global warming and the need to combat it – is an important topic for them.

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