Retail Robotics

Retail Robotics is a leading business technology company that delivers solutions that unleash the full potential of e-commerce, e-grocery, and high street retail . Our solutions simultaneously improve the efficiency and convenience of delivery and click and collect processes for both retailers and consumers.

With more than 30 years’ experience in mechanical manufacturing and over a decade of research and development Retail Robotics has developed powerful robotic click and collect machines and parcel lockers that are at the forefront of innovation.

Łukasz Nowiński, Founder and CEO of Retail Robotics, co-created and co-managed the biggest traditional parcel locker network in Europe - Inpost, which received over 150 million packages in 2020. To date, Retail Robotics has produced more than 40,000 parcel locker units for Inpost while continuing to build our own solutions.

Key facts

  • 40.000

    units produced

  • 35.000

    production capacity of units per year

  • 400+


  • 30+

    years of experience

Our mission is to create the delivery infrastructure of the future.
"We do believe that our disruptive technologies will improve the efficiency and convenience of delivery and click & collect processes for e-commerce and e-grocery."

Łukasz Nowiński, CEO & Founder

Robotic solutions and streamlined designs makes it possible for our products to revolutionise thousands of supermarkets and smaller stores all over the world, as well as offer unique solutions for crowded city centres.

1. We innovate

At Retail Robotics we have a plan to revolutionise retail by removing today’s efficiency constraints.
We do this through permanent innovation embedded in the core DNA of our company.

We constantly innovate not only to develop new solutions, but to perfect our existing products.

Innovation-driven approach

We live and breathe creativity and imagination which enables us to constantly innovate and make our products the best on the market. We also constantly work on new products and innovations that will continue to transform the retail industry for many years to come.

Designed for retail

We create services and products that solve real world challenges. We are retail experts, we are consumer experts, and we are technology experts. This is why we can design products that not only solve today’s challenges, they also make the future of retail more accessible.

Technology, research, development

We’re technology people at heart. Our incredible research and development team constantly seek out new ways to innovate and harness the latest technology. Our product development team works hand in hand with our research and development team to make sure that our solutions are not just technologically advanced, but also ergonomic and sleek.

In-house production

We don’t outsource production - we have our very own Retail Robotics’ production hall. This enables us to easily scale production capacity and reduce the time taken to bring solutions to market.

President of Star Service Groupe

"I like technology very much, I like industry very much and what you've achieved is a great combination of these two aspects, an industrial aspect and an ultra-technological aspect.

2. We deliver

We have years of experience and strategic client partnerships
that allow us to be at the forefront of our industry. We got here
by always delivering what we promise, when we promise
and that’s our mantra for success.

Our production facility is capable of producing 20,000 units per year
and we’re constantly increasing our capacity and improving
our own efficiency – just like we do for our clients!

We are committed, we are enthusiastic about what we do, but first of all - WE DELIVER.

3. We care

We do care about our clients.
We do care about our employees.
We do care about the consumers of our products.
We care about what we do and how we do it.

Working with Retail Robotics means you have access to our business leaders, project managers, scientists, and production teams ensuring we meet the needs of every part of your business. We are here for you - so that your business can grow with us.

Tell us what you need, and we will deliver what you need,
when you want it.


4. We rock

We are a harmonious team more than 500 great individuals with bright minds and skilful hands. We support each other - and deliver success together.
We’ve already achieved much and we know there are incredible possibilities ahead of us: we won’t settle for anything but the best!

If you want to change the world with us contact us.


Łukasz Nowiński

CEO & Founder

“Try nine times - and you will definitely succeed”

A visionary and a missionary of hard work. Before ‘unleashing retail’ at Retail Robotics - he co-created and co-managed the biggest traditional parcel locker network in Europe - Inpost.



Ansi Arumeel

Deputy Managing Director

"Change is inevitable, and the disruption it causes brings opportunity"

Strategically driven leader with 15 years of experience in e-commerce and logistics, including general and operational management at a global scale. Co-creator of the first, most dense parcel-locker network in the World.


Julian Kozankiewicz

Chief Growth Officer & Partner

“Unleashing retail using automation, robotics and IoT.”

Founder of Noa Tech company, which has been designing and implementing self-service and automated solutions since 2013. Co-creator and supporter of TEDxWarsaw.


Marek Piotrowski

Chief Marketing Officer & Partner

„Dream it. Believe it. Build it.”

Specializes in communication strategy and boosting brands. Advocate of new technologies. Managed advertising and digital agencies for 17 years, creating communication for the biggest brands.


Dariusz Kiełbasiński

Legal Counsel

"Law is an order"

Attorney with 20 years of experience.

Specializes in business law combined with previously gained 

experience in the field of finance especially

financial analysis, restructuring and related risk.



Bartosz Becker

Financial Director

„It is more about the process of managing the money”

Financial Director with 13 years of experience in managing and working in the field of accounting and finance departments.


Jan Niemcewicz

Head of Arctan R&D

"Sometimes you have to slow down to be able to go faster" An engineer by education and passion. In Retail Robotics working on position Head of R&D team. In his free time mostly interested in building racing cars.


Dorota Gomółka

Senior Marketing Manager

'Your inner energy can move the world, just share it!"

Marketing professional with over 20 years of experience.

Expert in integrated communication.

Enthusiast of new social and consumer trends which make a real difference.


Michał Ossowski

Head of PickupHero R&D

"Do not solve a problem that does not exist"

 Mechatronics Engineer by education and passion.

In RR leading PickupHero Business Unit and Head of PickupHero R&D department. Privately LEGO fan.


Tomasz Łukaszewski

Head of IT

 "Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

In Retail Robotics leading the IT Team. Before for 12 years, growing together with an IT company from a start-up to 120+ employees.


Piotr Zych

Head of IT PMO

Leader of PMO team, with 15 years of experience within IT industry. Worked for innovative business sectors, creating complex IT solutions. Specialised in project management, process definition and improvement, technology research, software planning and delivery.


Paweł Zięcina

Head of Industrialization, Efficiency and Testing

Following a quote of Sir Henry Royce: "Strive in perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it". Head of Industrialization, Efficiency and Testing Department with 12 years of aerospace professional experience.


Małgorzata Czarnobil

Chief Accountant - Deputy Financial Director

Chief Accountant with 20 years of experience, responsible for recording all financial transactions in Retail Robotics. 

She supervises substantive and organizational supervision over the accounting team.

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