Head of Product

Head of Product

Retail Robotics provides a robotic click&collect solutions for both parcels and e-grocery markets. Retail Robotics has a disruptive technology and approach that will redefine the last mile delivery schemes. Retail Robotics has taken an approach in which the unused spaces in more and more congested cities will be used for robotic parcel pick-up hubs as well as grocery pick-up hubs for e-grocery orders.

Retail Robotics is creating a line of robotic solutions to cope with the ever-growing challenge of last-mile delivery. Systems developed by Retail Robotics can be deployed in an extremely small space a tan acceptable market cost.

As a senior leader within the organization, the Head of Product is responsible for defining product strategy across all aspects of the technology solutions, from conceptualization to launch, and including post-launch performance optimization. This leader must ensure that the product vision is aligned with business goals and objectives and is enthusiastically shared and successfully executed throughout the organization. The Head of Product at Retail Robotics must be a unique blend of strategic/creative problem solver + practical/scalable executor, with a strong background in complex technological environments with a focus on robotics, logistics and supply chain. Product touches every aspect of the Retail Robotics organization and solutions, as well as client experience and success, so it is critical that the Head of Product has a client experience mindset as she or he designs, develops, and iterates best in class solutions. 

What you'll do:

  • Spearhead product strategy and conceptualization: research and solicit information from a wide variety of internal and external sources to understand industry and consumer needs and inform product offerings.
  • Lead product development and product commercialization processes: transform product ideas from concept to customer implementation, with a keen eye towards understanding and proactively managing policy development, effectively managing teams towards objectives and priorities, understanding technical and organizational interdependencies, with understanding client needs and user experience.  
  • Build and direct a world-class product team: Product at Retail Robotics is complex and will require a diverse set of talents and skills across the team. The Head of Product must have a super skill for recruiting best in class talent and growing and motivating this talent to push the Retail Robotics product experience forward at every step. The leader must be clear in setting direction, goals, and holding team members accountable through structured communication and feedback. 
  • Instill a culture of iterative product excellence: Ensure constant improvement in the product and stay ahead of client needs and expectations. Track, analyze, report, and communicate product performance data, using the resulting information to guide evolutional product changes and development of new products. 
  • Be a Jack or Jill of all trades: Product touches every aspect of Retail Robotics, both internally and externally. The Head of Product must have an insatiable curiosity and ability to collaborate across multi-functional teams across the organization, having a deep respect for the expertise in other teams (like hardware, robotics, manufacturing, marketing, etc.) but also have the leadership skills to leverage those team's talents and successes to ensure they can be communicated back to the client experience through exceptional and seamless product. 
  • Be a knowledgeable, compelling representative of Retail Robotics and its technology: The Head of Product must flex in being internally focused as well as externally focused, having the gravitas to represent the company in a variety of settings including clients, internal teams, trade shows and conferences, sales pitches, industry interviews, and other similar high profile appearances. The Head of Product must always be an example to others of the commitment to quality, integrity, and teamwork that is inherent at Retail Robotics. 
  • Hold nothing sacred: The Head of Product must be confident and empowered to disrupt, innovate, revolutionize anything they see or experience at Retail Robotics. Our Company is the result of each person's contribution to the constant improvement of our team, business, technology and product, so as a senior leader the Head of Product must take on this responsibility fully. 

Reporting structure:

  • The Head of Product will report directly to the Chief Development Officer, with a close dotted line to the CEO
  • The Head of Product will have a significant number of direct and indirect reports and is a top leader of people within the organization.

Required education, experience:

  • 6+ years successfully leading, developing and scaling innovative and complex tech products in high growth (hardware-focused) environments.
  • 6+ years of experience delivering seamless product experiences to enterprise clients.
  • 6+ years of senior-level leadership experience with responsibility for a significant number of direct and indirect reports.
  • 6+ years of experience building and managing remote product teams.
  • 6+ years of experience launching large-scale technical product in Europe and possibly North America.
  • 6+ years in a manufacturing environment.
  • Bachelor’s and/or Master's degree in Engineering preferred.

Competencies and Skills:

Expert communicator: the ability to draw others in and successfully create connections that drive productive action.

Collaborative leadership style: Ability to work across multiple teams, multiple levels of seniority to ensure collaboration and buy-in from all levels of the organization.

Intuitive listener: Ability to hear what is not being said - from internal team members, fellow functional leaders, and most importantly, clients and Retail Robotics system users, to gather the insights and feedback needed to constantly improve the product experience. 

Broad yet deep technical knowledge: as a high growth team, we are in the early innings of building out our product organization. In the near term, the Head of Product will need to roll up her/his sleeves to get quick wins with the current product, while hiring the right key people to start building the framework for a world-class, scalable product org.

Ruthless ability to prioritize: and have a nose for value of what product features or enhancements will unlock user joy.

Ability to lead and inspire a diverse team: provides and receives feedback constructively, coaches, mentors, invests in the success of others; holds self and others accountable.

Retail Robotics is committed to employing the best people to do the best job possible within our environment. We hire based on merit and are strongly committed to cultivating diversity as a source of excellence. Retail Robotics firmly believes that a vast array of perspectives produces and promotes innovation and business success. Our corporate diversity encompasses differences in ethnicity, gender identity or expression, language, age, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, physical and mental ability and education.

Retail Robotics promotes a corporate safety culture where employees’ health, safety & well being is number one and with the ultimate goal of establishing a zero-incident work environment.

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To apply to this position send us your resume - contact@rrobotics.co

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