Uber and Deliveroo now deliver groceries

Online stores are "under attack" of consumers that have to wait days if not weeks for their order. Not only big retailers grow e-commerce now. Companies like Instacart (an "Uber" of e-grocery in US - delivering from local stores) would probably like to multiply their power.

Uber is trying to get a piece of the market, too - beneath info about Uber Eats starting to serve Carrefour in Paris. In UK - Deliveroo makes the same move. Soon we shall have premieres of Arctan - our most effective e-grocery click&collect - in several EU cities. And that, we believe - will be a breath of future deliveries helping to solve 'the last mile' problem. More info soon!

Article by Pieter Cranenbroek

Read more: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/news/uber-deliveroo-now-deliver-groceries-4812404/


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