Tipping point: can the pandemic reignite grocery click & collect?

"Tipping point: can the pandemic reignite grocery click & collect?"

Answering the question of the author - "We believe it will". As George cites the 'Bain' report - the current business model of online grocers is broken. They invest millions and the more the sales grow - the more money they lose. The best solution is to combine MFC's with high performance, high capacity robotic click&collect. Then the retailers will achieve real profitability.

Till now - traditional click&collect locker solutions - where having too little capacity taking too much space at the same time per logistic bin. To reach capacity of 200 logistic bins or more - you would have to place 10-15 or more units. And the customer would get lost. And this is the minimum capacity to make the business costly and timely effective. Create a real hub effect.

Read the article: https://www.thegrocer.co.uk/online/tipping-point-can-the-pandemic-reignite-grocery-click-and-collect/646501.article#.XxGBdE9uswA.linkedin

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