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Is This the Future of Click-and-Collect?

Jon Springer from Winsight Grocery Business just covered Retail Robotics solution for e-grocery - Arctan - as one of the main players changing the future of click&collect. We do believe Arctan is the fastest and most effective machine that can speed up the growth of online grocery - especially now, as retailers finally crossed the tipping point to focus on this trend.

" Retail Robotics’ pickup grocery robot, known as Arctan, has space for 200 bins and another 28 frozen bins. It receives and dispenses orders through any four drawers, allowing it to serve multiple customers at a time while speeding replenishment, says Piotrowski. These units can be placed inside a physical store but the company is also at work on a drive-thru solution Piotrowski noted would be ideal for the U.S. market."

Thank you for covering our solution in this prophecy.

To learn more about robotics solutions read the article:

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