The father of parcel machines is digitizing food industry!

In the latest issue of Forbes you can find an interview with our CEO and Founder - Łukasz Nowiński. Thank you Krzysztof Domaradzki for covering our story.

„Certainly we do not create SpaceX rockets but according to my knowledge we have the most technology advanced and efficient solution in the area of e-grocery delivery” - says Łukasz.

„Across the globe - e-grocery has problems with profitability. In the area of Ile-de-France in Paris - an average shopping basket is 80 EUR and the delivery for the retailer costs around 22 EUR. No merchant is able to reach such high margins that would cover this expenditure. And we offer the solution that drastically lowers the last mile costs, making the e-grocery business finally profitable.”

„That is why the founder of Retail Robotics plans to focus on development of Arctan on high profile markets, with a strong e-grocery segment - like England or France.” Concludes Krzysztof Domaradzki.

Full interview and article in Forbes, November 2020 :

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