Retail Robotics technology and Delipop model in the latest issue of the Omnichannel Voice magazine (Sept.-Oct. edition)

In the latest issue of the Omnichannel Voice magazine (September-October edition) we presented how Retail Robotics technologies and the Delipop model allow to optimize the last-mile delivery in e-grocery shopping. Why is it important? Because it enables sustainable urban development, increases profitability of last-mile delivery for retailers and provides greater convenience for consumers.

E-commerce has been developing at a dizzying pace for several years now. The COVID-19 pandemic fueled this growth and fueled the race for scale and market share. Over the past two years, consumers have appreciated even more buying a variety of products from the comfort of their home - including groceries. However, in the long term, there is a need to build a new, sustainable delivery business model, and instead of competition - cooperation and partnership agreements between retailers. 

The time has come to create a network of multi-brand hubs for the e-grocery market. From the European "backyard" we know locker machines for collecting e-grocery orders. However, these technologies have quite significant limitations. One module of such a machine is approx. 16 boxes. Taking into account that an average order takes about 4 lockers - this means that one module will fit 4 orders, and 8 in a double machine. This does not give any significant cost savings or savings for the environment. If we wanted to create a hub that could accommodate 60 orders - we would have to put a machine about 35 m long, which would not be very convenient for the consumer or the courier, not to mention placing it indoors or obtaining permission to place such a machine outside.

Retail Robotics has found a solution to this problem and created a robotic type of e-grocery machine - Arctan. Thanks to the use of a robot for issuing purchases, the machine can be higher (it does not have to be within the reach of a human hand) and deeper (2 rows of logistic lockers), thanks to which the 10-meter machine can accommodate 202 logistic lockers, i.e. almost 70 orders. This already gives a very large hub effect. One courier, instead of carrying out 14-25 food orders a day, can fulfill 200-300 orders.

‘We believe that Arctan technology will be the basis for building a logistics infrastructure supporting the development of e-commerce in many countries.’ – says @Marek Piotrowski, CMO & Partner at Retail Robotics. 

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