Retail Robotics is starting new CEO’s website to guide people through the key solutions that will enable global transformation of last-mile delivery.

It takes years of experience and a bold vision to become an expert and strategist in global retail and robotics. Our CEO & Founder Łukasz Nowiński co-created and co-managed InPost, which received over 515 million packages in 2021, and founded Retail Robotics, that has produced more than 40 thousand parcel locker units for global logistics providers, while continuing to build its own innovative solutions: Arctan and PickupHero.

We are starting Our CEO’s website His mission is to guide people through the key solutions that will enable global transformation of last-mile delivery and solve the biggest challenges that e-commerce and e-grocery markets are facing. You will find out how Łukasz has been predicting trends in disruptive technology and was able to assess the current business potential of the market and the need for robotic transformation, solving last mile delivery bottleneck problems.

"My mission is to create the delivery infrastructure of the future and to unleash the endless potential of retail. In 5-10 years, traditional retail logistics will not be able to operate in cities due to space and labor constraints. Parcel lockers and click and collect hubs will drastically reduce the volume of home and office deliveries, reduce congestion and pollution in towns and cities and elevate the commercial performance of high street retail and e-commerce.” – says Łukasz Nowiński, CEO and Founder at Retail Robotics.

For years Łukasz was a part of the last-mile delivery operations and close partner for retailers so he knows very well what are the biggest challenges that the market is currently facing. In the last years his company, Retail Robotics, invested a lot of effort in developing robotic solutions Arctan and PickupHero, which bring a business and environmental breakthrough in e‑grocery and e‑commerce markets by revolutionizing last mile delivery: lowering costs, decreasing time, reducing its footprint and unleashing an exponential growth for the retailers.

I strongly believe that disruptive technologies will improve the efficiency and convenience of delivery and click & collect processes for e‑commerce and e‑grocery. But we all need to be on board to make a significant impact.” - emphasizes Nowiński.

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