First implementation of PickupHero on Polish market!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's happening!

We have our first implementation - Polish store chain Żabka is testing a parcel handling machine developed by Retail Robotics.

PickupHero, which we have just implemented in Żabka store, is a robotic automated pick-up drop-off point. This device has a capacity of over 70 packages, and soon - several times as many.

The dispatch of parcels is handled by an advanced robot designed by Retail Robotics, operating in several axes and moving with incredible precision and speed.

Moreover, the robot allows processing parcels without any involvement of a salesperson and thus the service of other shoppers is not interrupted.

PickupHero combines benefits for the customer, retail chains and the entire e-commerce market.

Its small footprint is the revolution highly demanded by cluttered and congested cities.

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