1.5 Million Packages a Day: The Internet Brings Chaos to N.Y. Streets

Did you know that in New York over 1.5 million parcels are delivered daily only from online stores? Read and learn how the growth of this market segment has extended the time spent by the average city dweller in a car and how the city is dealing with such a huge number of courier cars dedicated as home delivery - if it is dealing.

At Retail Robotics we’ve created solutions (Arctan and ParcelHero) that soon will enable cities like New York, Paris or London - to set themselves free from the huge delivery traffic, lower CO2 emissions 10 fold and at the same time let online retail grow even more.

Beneath a short quotation as a teaser to the article:

“... to deliver Amazon orders and countless others from businesses that sell over the internet, the very fabric of major urban areas around the world is being transformed. And New York City, where more than 1.5 million packages are delivered daily, shows the impact that this push for convenience is having on gridlock, roadway safety and pollution. Delivery trucks operated by UPS and FedEx double-park on streets and block bus and bike lanes. They racked up more than 471,000 parking violations last year, a 34 percent increase from 2013. (...) 

Trucks heading toward the bridge travel at 23 miles per hour, down from 30 m.p.h. five years ago. While the rise of ride-hailing services like Uber has unquestionably caused more traffic, the proliferation of trucks has worsened the problem. As a result, cars in the busiest parts of Manhattan now move just above a jogger’s pace, about 7 m.p.h., roughly 23 percent slower than at the beginning of the decade."  New York Times, Matthew Haag and Winnie Hu 

Read the whole article: https://www-nytimes-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.nytimes.com/2019/10/27/nyregion/nyc-amazon-delivery.amp.html

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