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Drive E-Lebensmittelhandel Click & Collect (Zukunft)

DRIVE E-GROCERY Click & collect

Arctan Drive (future)

Going to hypermarkets to do bigger shopping is perceived by many customers as a time consuming and even tiring experience. This is why retailers have started to develop an alternative model allowing consumers to place orders online and pick them up directly from click & collect points called Drives. 

In this concept, e-grocery orders are delivered to locations placed outdoors, and collected by users driving up by their cars just right to a dedicated pickup zone. 

Current Drives require human support during a collection process, generating higher costs of delivery and decreasing retailers’ profitability.

Right now, Arctan Drive is under construction by R&D team in cooperation with retailers to make sure – it suits all their, and their consumers’ needs. As a fully automated solution, it will allow users to collect their shopping without any human assistant. Developing our new machine,  we focus not only on its technology, but also on the best possible pickup process, intuitive, quick, and enjoyable. 

Such a new robotic solution will decrease delivery costs significantly, enhancing consumer experience at the same time. This is why we strongly believe it will make a real difference in the delivery market in upcoming years.