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Ansi Arumeel takes the position of Deputy Managing Director at Retail Robotics

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Ansi Arumeel has joined Retail Robotics as a Deputy Managing Director . On behalf of the company, he will manage the further development of new innovative technologies and services for delivery networks globally. As his direct responsibility he will lead the group of over 100 specialists and engineers in the Business Units for RR new products Arctan and PickupHero and also functional units of R&D, IT, Testing & Industrialisation. He has 15 years of experience in the e-commerce and parcel delivery segment, including general and operational management. He co-created the most dense parcel-locker network in the World, converting over 80% of volumes to automated machines. Since 2006 working for Omniva, he successfully contributed to the transformation of the national postal operator of Estonia into the leading e-commerce driven parcel operator in the Baltic region.

Julian Kozankiewicz, the current head of divisions who built and managed these teams over the last 3 years – will move to the newly created role of Chief Growth Officer – responsible for maintaining the pace of commercial growth and RR’s presence in International markets.

“I’m very excited to join Retail Robotics. As a true believer of e-commerce growth and last mile automation, I can see a great potential for the company to change the world by introducing new business models and technologies. With the help of the current leading position, best market knowledge and very talented team, I’m sure that Retail Robotics will make a significant impact on the whole e-commerce value chain and consumer experience.”

Retail Robotics is the biggest provider of parcel-locker solutions in Europe since 1994 . The company has developed unique robotic technology for e-grocery pick-up -its Arctan has already had its pilot implementation by one of the top French retailers and has been an operational success ever since. Retail Robotics is also the creator of PickupHero – robotic click&collect solution for e-commerce in places with limited space, such as convenience stores. For many years the company has been cooperating with the biggest traditional parcel locker network in Europe – Inpost, which received over 150 million packages in 2020. As evidenced in the portfolio – to date, Retail Robotics has produced more than 30,000 parcel locker units for Inpost while continuing to build their own robotic solutions.

Due to the dynamic development of the company and the growing demand of retailers for the outsourcing of last mile delivery services in the click and collect segment, Ansi Arumeel joined the RR’s team, starting a new stage in his career.

Ansi Arumeel is a manager whose experience will certainly contribute to the success of the next strategic stage of Retail Robotics development. We are glad that he decided to join the team. Together with Ansi, we will pursue ambitious goals of strengthening the leading position in the market by focusing on high quality of products and services delivered by RR. Creating a role of Chief Growth Officer in RR is another important  step  towards implementing the adopted strategy of continuous RR expansion and  I am sure that given his experience Julian Kozankiewicz is a perfect fit to this role –  says Łukasz Nowiński

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